China Supports 3D, Brendan Fraser's Career

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Wondering what the surprise American hit in Chinese cinemas this year is? Journey To The Center of The Earth, the reasonably-successful Brendan Fraser vehicle from this summer. But what made Chinese cinemagoers so excited about the movie wasn't the chance to see the star of The Mummy and Monkeybone go deep, deep underground, but its use of 3D technology.Variety explains:

The Chinese government is keen to encourage the development of the 3-D industry, so the genre has a special quota category aside from the normal quota governing foreign imports. This allows WB to get an extra film into mainstream release and charge prices up to $15 for tickets.


Not that this story necessarily ends well:

However, some auds were unhappy with the cost of tix, and there were troubles with the one-size-fits-all 3-D glasses, which reportedly made some people feel dizzy. Others were upset at having to pay $100 in compensation for damaged glasses.


I think that they should've complained more about the actual quality of the movie, but that may just be me... China heats 'Earth' with 3-D [Variety]

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I just watched it and while it was no Dark Knight or Walle, I thought it was entertaining enough. I would have preferred to see it in 3D but oh well. It was predictable to an eye rolling point and you could see this as the amusement park ride it was but it was still a ok escapism film.