Creepy Lovecraft-inspired movie Chill, out on DVD November 4, has everything. It includes needle-point skin-sewing, plus Mr. Freeze-style mad scientists, but even crazier. How does so much insanity fit into one movie? Full plot explanation, trailer and posters, after the jump. Chill is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's story "Cool Air." The flick follows an employee in a supermarket named Sam. His boss is a bit of a weirdo who has a "skin disease" that forces him to live in freezing temperatures. Of course it's later revealed that the icy air is in fact keeping his boss alive, so he can skin poor victims and stitch their hide across his own, thus prolonging his undead existence. This mad scientist movie also includes one hideous Igor-esque henchman, because what's the point of being a evil scientist if you don't get sidekicks? Chill Movie Trailer
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