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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Returns for Season 3 in January

Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina.
Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina.
Image: Netflix

Hell hath no fury like a teenage witch absolutely ready to wreck shop.

That seems to be roughly the situation that Sabrina finds herself in for the third season, “Part 3", of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the Netflix series that has made Sabrina’s adventures into something between actual occult horror and Riverdale. When part two left off, Sabrina had just come off a bitter victory against Lucifer himself. And now she has to pick up the pieces of that mess.

In a short announcement video released by Netflix, we now know more about that season, including, most importantly, its release date: January 24th, 2020. Get ready to enjoy the January chill with some dark magic, teen lust, and maybe even a dive into hell itself.


If you’re curious, here’s the synopsis from Netflix, via Entertainment Weekly:

Part Three finds Sabrina reeling from the harrowing events of Part Two. Though she defeated her father Lucifer, the Dark Lord remains trapped within the human prison of her beloved boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch. Sabrina can’t live with herself, knowing that Nick made the ultimate sacrifice and is suffering, burning in Hell under Madam Satan’s watchful eye. So with an assist from her mortal friends, “The Fright Club” (consisting of Harvey, Rosalind, and Theo), Sabrina makes it her mission to free him from eternal damnation and bring him back into her arms. However, the Dark Lord’s unseating has sent shockwaves through the realms—and, with no one on the throne, Sabrina must assume the title of “Queen” to defend it against a challenger, the handsome Prince of Hell Caliban. Meanwhile, in Greendale, a mysterious carnival rolls into town, bringing with it a threat to the Spellmans and the coven: A tribe of pagans looking to resurrect an ancient evil…


Instead of a king, you shall have a queen. Sounds intense. You can watch the first two seasons of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix now.

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Maaaan.  When the third season didn’t appear during Halloween, my friends and I gave up hope for a third season (Last two seasons appeared during that particular holiday, iirc).  Nice to see the third is definitely set to be released!