Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Is Getting Another Two Seasons

It’s magic, you know.
It’s magic, you know.
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Looks like the spell worked. The second season hasn’t even arrived yet, but Netflix has already announced that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is getting another 16 episodes, spread across two more seasons. Hail Satan!


Netflix revealed on Twitter that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which is currently preparing for its second 10-episode season, has been renewed for two more seasons. Specifically, another 16 episodes spread across seasons 3 and 4. That most likely means two 8-episode runs, though that hasn’t been confirmed. And what better way to share the news than with Salem the adorable currently-non-talking cat?


This is a slight downgrade from the original series pick-up, as Netflix greenlit 20 episodes for the first two seasons of the series, which stars Kiernan Shipka as the titular teenage witch. However, given how Chilling Adventures of Sabrina sometimes felt like it was stretching things a bit thin in the inaugural season, it might be a good thing for the show to condense things down a bit. Plus, there’s always room for another holiday special.

The series recently released its first holiday horror, “A Midwinter’s Tale,” and is getting ready for its sophomore season—which follows Sabrina’s path to full witchhood after signing her name in the Dark Lord’s book. The series returns with its second 10-episode season on April 5, 2019.

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Angrier Geek

I hope they make her a tad more likable. Granted, showing her as a teenager who can only see things from her point-of-view with zero ability to see down the road is fairly accurate. I mean they even have other characters call her out on it! And in fact, Madame Satan actually wins because Sabrina acts impetuously like any stupid teenager. It’s just that it’s not as fun a watch when you don’t like the protagonist and prefer the stories of ALL the other characters. Seriously, they’ve an embarrassment of riches in terms of a supporting cast. I would love for all of them to get little mini-episodes like they’re doing with Star Trek Discovery. Starting with Prudence and her two sisters. I look forward to her discovery that she’s got a sister to protect from her own father.

Okay. I’ve fanboyed enough.