Child's Final Superheroic Wish Is The Greatest Thing You'll Read Today

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The Make-A-Wish Foundation made 13-year-old Erik Martin's superhero dream a reality with a giant city-wide role playing scenario that incorporated all of Seattle. With the help of the Seattle Sounders, Spider-Man and a DeLorean, Electron Boy saved the day.


Martin, who is living with liver cancer, always wanted to be a superhero, and the people of Seattle, along with the Make-A-Wish foundation were more than happy to make that fantasy a reality for one perfect day.

On April 30th, Martin woke up to a desperate phone call from Spider-Man, the only other super that knows his superhero identity as Electron Boy. The Seattle Sounders had been taken hostage by Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy, and they needed his help! Electron Boy suited up and rode out to Qwest Field via DeLorean on a shut down road with a police motorcycle escort. And that's just the start of his day.

After Electron Boy freed the Sounders, much to the joy of his awaiting fans, Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy struck again! This time, they threatened to plummet all of Seattle into darkness. So it was back on the road again for Electron Boy. After saving a few civilian hostages, along with finishing up a few other heroic deeds, his wild chase landed Electron Boy at the Space Needle. After a big show down, Electron Boy bested the evil doers, and the police carted them away. And the crowd went wild. We urge you to read the entire story at the Seattle Times, because there really was no limit to this town's outpouring of love, support, and role playing creativity.

This is by far the most amazing thing we've read all day. We wish Electron Boy all the best in all his future heroic endeavors. He's definitely our new hero, along with the good people of Seattle.

Here's are a few snapshots that captured Electron Boy's heroic acts:

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Additional Make-A-Wish Foundation information.


DISCUSSION, read a couple of days ago.

Still, this is awesome.

13 though? Is this what most 13-year-olds dream of doing? I initially thought, is he a little old to be wishing for this? Bah, who cares, he got his wish.

FTW, for all those involved.