Children's Author Writes New Scifi Comedy Series

Duncan Weller, author of The Boy From The Sun and Space Snake, is bringing his scifi mind to the sitcom. A few spacey pictures have been posted from the untitled project.

According to his site, the project is something his brother is pitching to studios. The actors will be green-screened into the backgrounds you see below. I'm glad to see that people are thinking about scifi comedy again. We've got a lot of other scicoms coming up on TV, too: from David Hewlett's behind-the-scenes-at-a-scifi-show comedy project Star Crossed, to the new Boldly Going Nowhere. It's like feast or famine with this subgenre - we go for a decade without it, and suddenly we've got a ton.


The bone-like looking picture is from Weller's book of poetry. Best of luck bringing the funny, Weller.

[Duncan Weller]


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