Can't wait for this summer's Iron Man movie? Need some hot Tony Stark action right now? Then head to Marvel's cynical new attempt to lure children back to their clutches,, which is running an exclusive animated serial (or, to use their term for it, "advervideo". Yes, that's "advert" and "video" put together. Told you it was cynical) every Thursday starring its favorite armored Avenger alongside more popular franchise, Spider-Man.

Fans who aren't freaked out by the computer generated Robert Downey Jr. can also click through to a contest giving away the chance to go to the premiere of the movie in LA, allowing them the chance to be freaked out by the real thing in person. The site also offers digital comics featuring Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, as well as a chance for you to sign up for Marvel's pay-per-view Digital Comics Unlimited service.

I'd make a joke about getting them when they're young, but let's face it; the people visiting the site most often will remember when Spider-Man was on The Electric Company.


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