Child And Alien Barbarians Tussle In This Week's Comics

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Hulks are falling! Superheroes are killing each other for political aims brought upon by reality intruding upon naive utopian ideals! Medical comas are gateways to magical lands in peril! Truly, these could only be brand new comics we crave.

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It's a relatively small haul for this week, with the industry apparently settling into a short lull after the holidays. But what's new is worth looking out for: Avatar have the hardcover collection of Warren Ellis' No Hero, which takes the superhuman nihilism of The Authority and turns it up a couple of notches. Marvel, meanwhile, have some nice collections of new and less recent material, including The Thing: Project Pegasus (Truly an outstanding example of prime mid-era Marvel Comics, as the Fantastic Four's rocky mainstay teams up with all manner of B-level characters to save the world) and Fall Of The Hulks Prelude, bringing you up to date on who wants to bring down the house of Gamma Irradiated Misunderstood Monsters. There's also Captain America: Road To Reborn (How the world prepared for Steve Rogers to come back to life) and the first issue of Avengers Vs. Atlas, which you should all buy to prove to Marvel that there's always room in the market for a smart, funny updated pulp book featuring a talking gorilla and merwoman.


Actually, talking gorillas and merwomen? Sounds like something you'd find in Superboy: The Greatest Team-Ups Ever Told, a collection of some great mid-20th Century stories of Clark Kent's teenage adventuring run-ins with those who'd go on to become big heroes in their own right. Think of it as Smallville done... well, closer to right, at least. And talking of CW shows, DC also has the first issue of Supernatural: Beginning's End, a new prequel series spin-off about Sam and Dean's demon-hunting Daddy. Matters of a more cosmic nature take center stage in the collection Rebels: The Coming of Starro, which lays the way for a space alien barbarian to try and take over the universe - yeah, like we've never seen that before - but the best new DC release of the week happens to be the best new release in general: the first issue of Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy's genuinely incredible Joe The Barbarian. A story about the value of fantasy worlds, this beautiful-looking series is a return to the Morrison of We3 after his more-recent superhero surrealism, and it's very, very highly recommended.

Just like every single week, you can find a complete list of everything Diamond Comic Distributors are shipping right here, and a way to find your local comic book store right here. Just don't get crushed by any falling Hulks on your way there.

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Nothing new for me this week. There's something terribly depressing about that.