Remember those subplots on Battlestar Galactica which seemed to go on forever? Turns out Chief Tyrol actor Aaron Douglas hated them too. Answering fan questions on Livejournal, the source of all drama, he says:

I like shows, like BSG, that move quickly on story lines and then get off them and never return (which was why I hated season one of Sharon and Helo running and running and running... we get it!!!! They're on a planet running... Jesus... get off it now. Or the love 4 some with Apollo Anders Dualla and Starbuck.... Ugh.... move on please....). That honest enough?


He also gives away some season four spoilers.

There are "rumors from the writers" that Chief Tyrol and Boomer get back together, says Douglas. But he emphatically doesn't want to see those characters get back together, and he doesn't think they need/deserve any resolution. He also says these are the favorite lines he utters in the first half of season four:

  • "Daddy's sorry..."
  • "Drop your dicks and grab your sticks (although that might not make the edit)"
  • "I guess he told them..."

More BSG spoilers from other sources: Episode nine features the return of Kate Vernon as Ellen Tigh, possibly wearing an outfit similar to one of the Cylon Sixes' va-va-voom dresses. The actual Six also has a scene with Col. Tigh around that same time. And the last two episodes (if they get filmed) feature a humongous battle with special effects that we've never seen before. Fans speculate that the battle will be between pro-human and anti-human Cylons, with Galactica caught in the middle. Rumor has it our heroes will find Earth, in our 22nd century. It may also be a post-apocalyptic Earth. [The Patriot Resource]