Chew's psychic cannibal FDA agent could be headed for television

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Image Comics' Chew stars Tony Chu, an FDA agent with the ability to gain psychic insight into anything he eats—which means occasionally eating bits of people. Now the series is getting animated, with a possible live-action TV series to follow.


Showtime once tried to produce a pilot of the comic, which was created by John Layman and Rob Guillory, but it never came to fruition. Now, the Hollywood Reporter reports, producer Jeff Krelitz of Quality Transmedia has snapped up the production rights, planning to first create an animated adaptation of the comic and then aim for a live-action series.

Chew is a seriously insane comic, set during a supposed bird flu epidemic that makes chicken forbidden and the FDA the most powerful government agency in the United States. It's filled with cyborgs, killer roosters, hallucinogenic frogs, contraband poultry, fiendish government agents, and Tony's own nutty family. I can't help but feel that it would make an amazing animated series, especially based on Guillory hilarious artwork. Sadly, it sounds like the animated adaptation is just a stepping stone to a live-action series. I just hope that Krelitz is able to maintain the comic's lunacy in whatever format he delivers.


Image Comics' 'Chew' Getting a Second Life as Screen Adaptation [THR]

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Personally, I think it's too early since there isn't much story yet. Even worse if it's live action. Did we not learn our lesson with The Tick? Animated > Live Action.

Also, #correction. I think you meant flu.

supposed bird fly