Chewbacca Promises More Wars To Come

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Are we on the verge of another Star Wars movie trilogy? That's the terrifying rumor being put forward by Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca's man behind the Wookie, at a recent French convention when asked about the possibility of more hairy heroes in our future.


According to, when Mayhew appeared at the recent Générations Star Wars convention and spoke about Chewbacca's future, he was more than happy to share some unfounded rumors:

Peter responded that Chewbacca should show up in [the animated TV series The Clone Wars] as a figure of him is already in the works. Even more interesting is that Mr. Mayhew let slip that there could be a possiblility of not just one but 3 Clone Wars movies if things go well.

You have to wonder just what "going well" means, in this case - If the box office is boffo? If the fans shit themselves in pleasure? If it's enough to move lots of merchandise?

The best part of the story, however, may be the editorial comment after the news:

Please remember that though we all love Peter Mayhew, we have to consider this to be a rumor until we hear something official.

In other words, chances are the old bastard is making shit up instead of saying "I don't know, I'm just a tall guy in a suit."

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Meh. Between the Ewoks, Jar Jar, Lucas' constant rejigging of his movies to appeal to dimwits (Han shot first!) and the craptastic plots of the 2nd generation (well 2 1/2 craptastic plots—the 3rd prequel was sort of okay), I've found myself not giving a shit about the franchise that made a large chunk of my childhood.

Sorry Chewie, even the threat of ripping my arms off isn't going to make me see any of these movies.