Chewbacca Ponders a Post-Star Wars Career Change in This Police Recruitment Video

Image: Facebook

The Fort Worth Police Department—the same crew that brought you last year’s viral video featuring a wannabe-cop Stormtrooper, and a similarly-themed Darth Vader clip the year before—is back with another Star Wars-themed video. This time, there’s finally a good guy in the hot seat: Chewbacca!

As we mentioned last year when we posted the Stormtrooper video, while we enjoy seeing Chewbacca in nearly any scenario (even, uh, the shower), the Fort Worth Police Department (like many other police departments) does share alleged crime videos on Facebook—a crowd-sourcing tactic that can be potentially problematic when calling out people who have yet to actually be found guilty. That said, the department’s active social media presence also has more positive outreach beyond Star Wars humor, like helping people find their lost pets. For that, we’re willing to forgive them for misspelling “Wookiee” in their video.


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