Chewbacca Is the Unquestionable Star of this Solo TV Spot

Chewie is the best dad.
Chewie is the best dad.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm
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Chewbacca is an underrated Star Wars character. Despite the fundamental crime of never giving him subtitles, it’s clear that he’s a wry, thoughtful companion to our heroes who is wise even beyond his many, many years.


In this new TV spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story, basically ever bit of new footage is Chewbacca being delightful, from the moment Han asks Chewie his name (how does he get from “rorwrrwr” to Chewbacca, one wonders? Basic-Shyriiwook transliteration is a galactic mystery) to the moment Han realizes that Chewie thinks all of Han’s ideas are bad.

Look, I’m not as sold on the idea of a Han Solo movie as I could be, but a young Chewbacca movie? Now that’s a good idea, no matter what Chewie might say.


Check the TV spot, chock full of new tidbits, below.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Despite the fundamental crime of never giving him subtitles

This is a really bad take. Not everything needs to be spelled out. It is OK to let intonation and body language do the work of dialogue. Did you want Eve and Wall-E to have subtitles?