Cherie Priest is a Steampunk in Episode 6 of The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Cherie Priest, author of Boneshaker, joins us to talk about Steampunk, theology, and Seattle's Underground in this rerun of episode 6 of The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy. Plus Dave and John talk Sherlock Holmes.


Art by Jon Foster

The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy is hosted by John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley.

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Read on for this episode's fabulous SHOW NOTES! (Note: Show note time signatures may be slightly off, as the show was re-edited prior to rebroadcast—it's the director's cut! This episode originally aired on February 8, 2010, on


0:00 Introduction by

0:37 Dave and John introduce the show

01:23 The birth of Cyberpunk and Steampunk

Interview: Cherie Priest

04:43 Interview begins

05:00 On being an army brat

07:20 Growing up Goth

08:44 Coming to fantasy and science fiction via the 7th Day Adventists

11:34 Losing her religion

12:35 Early efforts in writing, the Four and Twenty Blackbirds debacle, and serendipity at Tor


16:05 Independent presses

16:55 The celebratory tattoo and being an amateur theologian

18:51 Family. Can't live with 'em, and you can't—no, that's all, really.

20:38 Cherie explains the Seattle Underground and Seattle's roles in her books

23:27 About Boneshaker.

23:58 Steampunk and zombie favorites: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the comic,) World War Z, and more


25:38 On LARPing and costuming

26:42 Working on Fort Freak for George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards series

30:40 DragonCon

31:12 What's coming up next for Cherie: novella Clementine from Subterranean Press in May; Dreadnought from Tor this fall; a new Clockwork Century story for the Living Dead 2 anthology, and more


35:31 End interview

When you rule out the impossible, what's left is John and Dave talking about Sherlock Holmes


35:31 Cherie's example to kids in similar situations

39:28 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, by Alan Moore

45:23 Sherlock Holmes

46:28 The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes anthology

48:16 Is the movie as much of a departure from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes as people seem to think?


01:05:42 Other recent versions of Sherlock Holmes

01:09:06 Show wrap-up: where to find more information if you're interested in Steampunk


Thanks for listening!

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John Joseph Adams is an anthologist, a writer, and a geek. He is the bestselling editor of the anthologies By Blood We Live, Federations, The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Living Dead (a World Fantasy Award finalist), Seeds of Change, andWastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse. His most recent books are The Living Dead 2 and The Way of the Wizard, and he is currently assembling several other anthologies, including Brave New Worlds and The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination. Barnes & named him "the reigning king of the anthology world," and his books have been named to numerous best of the year lists. In addition to his anthology work, he worked for more than eight years as an editor at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction,and is currently the editor of Lightspeed Magazine and Fantasy Magazine.

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David Barr Kirtley has published fiction in magazines such as Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, Lightspeed,Intergalactic Medicine Show, On Spec, and Cicada, and in anthologies such as New Voices in Science Fiction,Fantasy: The Best of the Year, and The Dragon Done It. Recently he's contributed stories to several of John's anthologies, including The Living Dead, The Living Dead 2, and The Way of the Wizard. He's attended numerous writing workshops, including Clarion, Odyssey, Viable Paradise, James Gunn's Center for the Study of Science Fiction, and Orson Scott Card's Writers Bootcamp, and he holds an MFA in screenwriting and fiction from the University of Southern California. He also teaches regularly at Alpha, a Pittsburgh-area science fiction workshop for young writers. He lives in New York.

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