Chemical reactions are those magical moments when the matter that surrounds us suddenly bursts into life. A stunning new video collaboration between scientists and artists now showcases eight different types of these reactions in exquisite detail.

The collaboration between Tsinghua University Press and University of Science and Technology of China was meant as a way to make chemistry more accessible and interesting to the general public. Chemical reactions were filmed in 4K UltraHD resolution to capture the finest details. Unnecessary visual distractions were removed, like beakers and test tubes. The end product is a wonderful example of science meets art.

Graphic artists from Shanghai were recruited to express their impression of the chemical structures. The structures, which were selected from the existing scientific literature, were visualized with computer graphics and state-of-the art interactive technologies.


In total, eight different reactions were filmed. We put together some GIFs highlighting some of the more interesting and beautiful looking chemical reactions.

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H/t This Is Colossal!