Cheetah's Injustice 2 Super-Move Reminds Us a Whole Lot of a Classic Spider-Man Video Game Attack

GIF by author, image via WBIE

Hmm, maybe Peter Parker and Barbara Ann Minerva had the same martial arts sensei?

The newest character teaser for Netherrealm’s DC Comics fighting game features Wonder Woman’s archenemy, although this version of Cheetah doesn’t appear to be taking very many cues from the iteration that’s been seen in Greg Rucka’s run since DC Comics’ Rebirth. The moves on display make it seem like she should just give up on villainy and open up a chiropractic practice.


Speaking of moves, Cheetah’s super-move looks a whole lot like the “Maximum Spider” super-move that Spider-Man could unleash in Marvel vs. Capcom. Both of them have slashing-across-the-screen sequences that intensify in speed and end in a brutal kick into the opponent’s back. Here, take a look:

This is a fun little nod that’s probably intended as an homage to a superhero fighting game that preceded Injustice 2. Or it’s just a weird coincidence that happened when multiversal dimensional barriers got a little too porous.

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Would it have killed them to give us her 1970s’s costume? Those ears are certain to cast fear in the heart of enemies.