If you're worried about getting packages from grandma and Amazon when you live in a hovering spacepod floating somewhere off the Pacific Rim, fret no more. You'll have friendly mail carriers with anti-Postal Tendencies (tm) automatic injector systems buzzing by to drop things off. They won't complain about the weather, steal your lingerie catalog-capsules, or mace your dog.

Artist David Levy has been working as a concept artist and visual director in the gaming industry for several years, and he's currently working with Spacetime Studios, most notably on their upcoming Blackstar science/fantasy MMO. He's also worked on Turok, Red Star, and others, where he brings his love of outer space and Japanese animation together. Although he wanted to become a naval architect, his love of science and fantasy took in a different direction, mostly inspired by his grandfather.

"My grandfather used to draw a lot, and I saw him as a hero," David recalls. "He built roads in the desert, ski-jumped and was a flower geneticist, while staying very humble. He was a real inspiration for me, and drawing was part of it."


Although he currently lives in Austin, but he grew up in France where he spent most of his weekends on the beach or sailing with with his dad, as if you weren't jealous enough of the fact that he had a flower geneticist grandfather.

Levy was also inspired by Isaac Asimov, Theodore Sturgeon and Ray Bradbury, and movies like 2001 and Blade Runner. When he's not working with his brushes and Wacom tablet, he also teaches classes on art. Check out more of his work on his website.

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