We got a glimpse of the new generation of X-Men’s comic-inspired costumes thanks to Empire Magazine recently, but a new image of the mutant team reveals their uniforms from top to bottom, and they look wonderfully colorful and silly in just the right way.


The photo, which emerged on Reddit this morning, isn’t of the best quality. But it’s a full body-shot of each of the mutants on team X-Men that gives us our best look yet at the costumes, and the first time the movie series has really allowed the costume design to emulate the comics (aside from First Class’ yellow-and-blue flight suits). Don’t forget to click the magnifying glass in the top corner to embiggen!

While still relatively muted, the splashes of color are greatly appreciated, and it’s cool to see Nightcrawler’s classic costume, Cyclops’ Jim-Lee-style visor and chest straps, and Storm’s weird half-cape. Even Mystique is wearing something inspired by her original Dave Cockrum design. It’s been a long time coming, but getting to see these designs translated onto the big screen is great stuff.


Also, is anyone else getting the vibe that the new X-Men sort of look like ‘80s action figures or something? It might just be the angle, but what is going on with their upper torsos to make them look almost ridiculously bulked out? I get that this movie is set in the ‘80s, but did shoulder pads come standard in the X-Men fashion shop?

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