Check out Weyland Industries' diagram of the USCSS Prometheus

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The Alien and Predator movies are named after their respective monsters, but Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus is named after a ship — so that's got to be one important ship. Ladies and gents, meet the USCSS Prometheus.


We've gotten glimpses of Prometheus in the various trailers and stills, but this illustration gives a better sense of the ship and its specifications. Somehow I suspect that ejectable lifeboat module will come in handy during the course of the movie. And what about those nuclear-powered engines?

IGN has a high-rez version of this image as part of the film's Project Prometheus website. Any chance that we'll get some diagrams of the guts of the ship?


Introducing the Prometheus [IGN via GeekTyrant]

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Is it modeled after the Serenity? :o