How can you bring the vivid, disturbing transformations from Randy Queen's comic book Darkchylde to life on the big screen? New test footage, showing a nice Southern girl mutating into creatures from her nightmares, gives us our first glimpse.

This film adaptation has been in development for a long time, and it looks like it's finally getting off the ground. Here's the synopsis:

What if the monsters from your many recurring nightmares were real? What if they wanted to escape your dreams, and consume our world, hitchhiking out on your very flesh to do it? Darkchylde is the story of a cursed teen who can become the creatures from her many nightmares, and then must save her small town from the forces of darkness she's set free.


The first ever test footage is over at Newsarama — click on the picture to check it out. It looks like the video was released to drum up support, so it may be a much longer time until we see Ariel Chylde herself, in the winged flesh. Here's hoping we get our she-demon film before too long though.