Check Out Thor's New 'Do in Ragnarok

Concept art of The Unworthy Thor
Concept art of The Unworthy Thor

io9: Your one stop shopping for all geeky hair news needs! From Jon Snow to, well, Jon Snow, we’ve got it all. The latest major hairdo change comes to us from Australia, where Chris Hemsworth is filming Thor: Ragnarok. Thor is best known for having flowing locks but, a new behind-the-scenes photo reveals he’ll be sporting something much shorter in the upcoming movie.


If you’ve been paying attention, we mentioned that during the Thor: Ragnarok footage at San Diego Comic-Con, Thor was shown with short hair and warpaint on his face. Well now, thanks to co-star Mark Ruffalo’s Instagram, you can see if for yourself:

And another.

Now, to be honest, my memory of the Comic-Con footage (which I only saw once, and the shot was on screen for maybe one second) is a tad different from this photo. My memory of the hair is that it’s actually even shorter than it’s seen here, and he has no beard. But I’m getting older so I could be wrong, or Marvel could have shown test footage at Comic-Con. With those caveats, it seems pretty likely this look, with the beard, is in the movie. (Especially if you look at stuff like Marvel’s upcoming comic The Unworthy Thor, seen above.)

Either way, for most people, this is the first proof that those short hair claims (which actually first arose in May from a JoBlo report) are true. It is time to goodbye to the God of Thunder’s long, blond locks. And that has been your io9 Hair Report.


Thor: Ragnarok is now filming for a November 3, 2017 release.

*Correction: This article previous had the old release date of July. It’s been fixed.



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Hemsworth is probably happy he doesn’t have to keep his hair long. I think he looks better this way and we all know my opinion on the beauty of men is SACROSANCT.

Good day!