Check Out This Incredible Collection of Science Art from OMNI

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Washington D.C.'s Museum of Science Fiction has published its first online gallery of scientific and science fictional art, originally featured in OMNI, in its partnership with the OMNI Reboot.


Above: Staring into the glowing blue exhaust of a mercury-ion thruster, February 1980 | James L. Long and Associates (photo)

Via MoSF:

Combining our voices and resources in support of the science - fiction community is the natural next step for both OMNI Reboot and the Museum of Science Fiction," said Jeremy Frommer, who leads OMNI Reboot. "We both recognize the importance of bringing science fiction to a wider audience and understand the role it plays in educating and inspiring the public."

...As part of the partnership, the Museum of Science Fiction will host via its website an online-exclusive gallery co-curated by OMNI Reboot. Both entities also will co-host events in the science - fiction space and work together to promote their combined efforts and each other.

MoSF Director of Communications Neeraj Agrawal tells Boing Boing "The gallery, available on the Museum website, features a selection of artwork from the archives of Omni Magazine and offers visitors the opportunity to read the full issue in which each piece was originally featured." It's badass. Go check it out.


Dances with Peeps

And I get to read all the issues? My Omni issues were all gradually lost over successive moves (I believe some were stolen along the way, but it's hard to blame thieves who wanted to read them), so this is fantastic news.