Check Out This H.R. Giger-Inspired Concept Art For The Blake's 7 Reboot

It's been over 30 years since Blake's 7, the dark and gritty show about morally compromised freedom fighters in a dystopian future, was on television. A rebooted series was supposed to appear on Syfy, and then on the Xbox Network, but remains in limbo. And now there's some concept art of the Liberator, to show us what we missed.

The Blake's 7 reboot sported a pilot script by former Heroes writer Joe Pokaski, which was all set to be directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Green Lantern). It's been stuck in development heck since Syfy turned it down — but the production team, who released this concept art to the Nerdist, report that "they are working on back-stories and production design and that they are discussing things with 'several U.S. broadcasters.'"


Here's another piece of concept art showing the interior of the Liberator, Blake's ship. See more (and read more details) over at the Nerdist.

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