Behold the GalacTac Project, an armor prototype being designed by AR5000 that happens to look just a tad like everyone’s favorite Star Wars bounty hunter. But look fast.

Because I can’t imagine that 1) armor maker AR5000 bothered to ask Lucasfilm for the rights to make functional tactical armor based on the famous Star Wars costume, and even if they did 2) I sincerely doubt Disney gave it to them or will give it to them. I know Star Wars is all about the merchandising, but having people running around in officially licensed Star Wars gear either trying to shoot people or even just potentially being shot sounds like a publicity stunt Disney would very much like to avoid.


Still, it does look pretty awesome.

The armor was designed by Ryan B. Flowers, who customizes armor for airsoft gun enthusiasts, and apparently a number of companies are working on it, as if Disney’s legal department weren’t going to crush them any minute: Heckler & Koch, TEA Headsets, Sog Knives & Tools, Armasight, SureFire, Wilcox Industries Corp, and Team Wendy, according to AR5000's Facebook page.

Fun fact: When you see this photo, were you immediately irritated that the camera/scope/thingie is on the helmet’s forehead and not on a pull-down lever attached to the helmet’s right ear area? Yes? Then you’re as big of a nerd as I am.


[Cinema Blend]

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