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Check out these new Starfleet uniforms from Star Trek 2

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The new Star Trek movie is bringing with it some costume changes, including some Starfleet uniforms that are a far cry from the familiar red, gold, and blue. This photo from the set reveals the sharp brown uniforms we'll see Scotty and Chekov don in the sequel.


Young actress Anjini Azhar, who appears in the new movie, shared these set photos with her talent agency, which posted them online. It gives us a nice look at the uniforms that Simon Pegg and Anton Yelchin wear at some point. TrekMovie notes that these somewhat resemble the gray uniforms that appear in the last Star Trek movie, although the tailoring appears a bit more modern than futuristic. Perhaps these are the dress uniforms? They're certainly smarter than Kirk's gold-fringed dress uniform from the original series.

Illustration for article titled Check out these new Starfleet uniforms from emStar Trek 2/em

Eagle-eyed TrekWeb contributors also noted that a hat rather similar to these hats appeared on Captain Pike's desk in the Star Trek episode "The Cage." It seems likely that while the Trek designers are putting their own spin on the franchise's designs, they are reaching deep into the Star Trek archives for inspiration.

Both images via TrekWeb.

New Behind Scenes Star Trek Sequel Photos Reveal Starfleet Uniform Variant [TrekMovie via GeekTyrant]


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Why that color? Given the color palette of the last film, the only reason I can think of for picking such a drab color is because Abrams is trying to invoke Star Wars Empire uniforms. Otherwise, he should have gone with white or a brighter color for the dress uniforms in order to match the rest of the movie. A nice dress white uniform for the officers would have given Starfleet a US Navy feel.