Check Out These Extensive Breakdowns of Alita: Battle Angel's Visual Effects

Alita wrecking.
Alita wrecking.
Image: 20th Century Fox

As a woman who is also at least part robot, I have a deep-held affinity for Alita. Her first film outing (hopefully not her last) didn’t check every box, but it was a lot of fun. And it sure was visually striking, with some intense and innovative visual effects work.


If you were also transfixed by the look of Alita: Battle Angel, you’re in for some hefty lucky, because recently Weta Digital posted a bunch of glimpses at its visual effects work, Ranging from its composting to the lush dreg heap of Iron City to Alita herself, Weta is eager to show off how Alita: Battle Angel made a story of cyborg self-actualization so visually unique.

What an absolutely striking film. It had foul luck, going up against Captain Marvel and also becoming the site of a weird reactionary crusade to keep people from seeing Captain Marvel, but it remains a unique, absolutely all-in big-budget experience. I am among those hoping for a sequel, but in the meantime, these breakdowns are a mighty satisfying watch.

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It’s very difficult for me to understand they didn’t just use the actress, who seems like she was great, rather than the CGI Mocap. I’ve never quite understood what the value add was here.