Check Out These Alternate Designs For Wonder Woman's New Outfit

When DC revealed Wonder Woman’s latest wardrobe update, reactions were a bit mixed. But now that Diana’s new look has made its comic debut in Wonder Woman #41 this week, DC has revealed some of the original concept sketches for the new look that show what we could have gotten in its place.


Designed by artist David Finch, with input from Wonder Woman writer (and his wife) Meredith Finch, the new suit not only covers Diana from head to toe, but clads her in extra armor too, meant to befit her role as Ares’ replacement as the God of War as well as the Queen of Themyscira. But as you can see from Finch’s sketches, not every idea was so armor-heavy:

That far left one certainly looks like it takes some cues from Wonder Woman’s look in Batman v Superman, an outfit that looks like less of a radical evolution than what we got... and more than a little Xena, Warrior Princess-y. But it’s also interesting to see that some of Finch’s earliest designs also eschewed an armored warrior look altogether, instead simply adding full leggings to Diana’s usual vest — something we’ve seen in plenty of past Wonder Woman designs.

Hoever, the most interesting one is a design we can barely see. Here it is blown up a little so you can get a better look — the suit in the top left corner:


I actually quite like the design we ended up with, but you’re telling me we almost had a Wonder Woman design that basically gave her a Captain America-style bodysuit? That seems like an awesome idea. Love the scabbard for her sword across her back. Hopefully, when Diana inevitably gets another design update in the future, that’s an idea they return to.

What do you think? Do you prefer any of the alternate looks to the one we got?

[Via Newsarama]


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