Check Out the Incredible VFX Work Behind the Spider-Man: Homecoming Airplane Fight

The climactic mid-air battle between Spider-Man and the Vulture aboard an Avengers cargo plane in Spider-Man: Homecoming was one of the highlights of an already excellent movie. Turns out it was entirely realized using motion capture and computer-generated characters. Did you actually think a plane with a cloaking device existed?


VFX Supervisor Theo Bialek, of Sony Pictures Imageworks, reveals some of the post-production secrets behind the Spider-Man: Homecoming fight scene, including the low-tech, but plausible approach his team took to creating a plane that could camouflage itself in any surroundings. But more impressive are the CG stunt doubles for Tom Holland and Michael Keaton, because, believe it or not, the studio would have probably frowned on the stars actually being sucked into a giant jet engine.

[YouTube via Art of VFX]

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I’ve seen it three times now, still a great movie... funny and charming as hell. I can’t wait to see the next one.