Check out the hilarious cameo from last night's Agents of SHIELD

The funniest scene from Agents of SHIELD episode two was also the most surprising, as an unexpected character showed up. Check out the clip right here!

Spoilers ahead...

Once again, Samuel L. Jackson proves that a Nick Fury cameo makes absolutely everything better, just as he did at the end of Iron Man way back in 2008. This is a seriously cute scene, in which we're reminded of the Coulson from the Marvel movies, who was much more of a subordinate who was caught in the middle, and less of a swaggering leader-type.


Nick Fury is pissed because they used the superweapon they found in Peru to blow a hole in the side of the "bus," their state-of-the-art superjet. (We're going to be using "super" a lot when discussing this show.) They did this because the team, apart from Coulson, was trapped in the hold, where the doors were sealed based on cabin pressure — so the only way to open them was to depressurize the cabin. When Coulson asks whose bright idea that was, the team basically concludes that it was all of their ideas, working together.

That's the theme of this episode, for better or worse: teamwork. Coulson believes in his team, and thinks they just need a little extra time. Even though they bicker endlessly and three of them aren't combat ready and Coulson's ex, Commandante Camilla Reyes, thinks they're pathetic. Far from being a sign of Coulson's midlife crisis, or his desire to be needed, these people are the best, and when the chips are down they'll pull together.

Luckily, Skye the superhacker has already taught Grant Ward the superspy about crowdsourcing — the notion that if 100 people each have 1 percent of the solution, the pieces of the puzzle can become the solution. (What happens if 100 people each have the same 1 percent? Skye's metaphor assumes that they each have a different piece, but what if they have 100 copies of the same piece? What then?)

Oh, and Nick Fury is also grumpy because Coulson has invited Skye, a superhacker with known ties to an enemy group, to join his team — and she's so sneaky, she actually texts her crew when she's standing a few feet away from the SHIELD gang. But Coulson is clearly on top of it.


In any case, this episode's main ambition is to show that this is a team of people who shouldn't work together — but they do work together, and when things get sticky, they are a great team, after all. In other words, it's attempting to be The Avengers in 42 minutes, without any of the team-members quite having the claim on our affections that, say, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark has. The actual sequence where the team finally pulls together and comes up with a plan is cute enough that the episode as a whole works, more or less.

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Charles Engasser

Why does Hollywood think that explosive decompression will suck people out of planes for a good 5 minutes? A hole as big as that in a plane would equalize air pressure in seconds, and I believe it's a complete myth anyway unless you're literally standing next to the hole when it happens.

Edit...I also just realized that everyone stayed conscious at altitude. Possibly the plane was below 15k feet or whatever it is, but I didn't even see any oxygen masks drop when the pressure fell. Is Shield not required to follow FAA requirements?