Check out the gorgeous landscapes of Westeros, plus photos of the Game of Thrones food truck!

Behold George R. R. Martin's metropolis, King's Landing. We've got a collection of high res landscapes from Game of Thrones, including a look at the 700-foot-tall Wall. Plus our photos of the Game of Thrones food truck!


The Wall. On the Northern border of the seven kingdoms stands The Wall. It's 700 feet tall and 300 miles long, made up of ice and rock. It's manned by the "brotherhood of the Night's Watch," a collection of lawless men. If you're sent to The Wall, you will spend your life starring out into a big cold nothingness keeping watch for days, months or years. (Click each image to see a larger size).

Winterfell, the House Stark. This Northern land is heated by hot springs that course under the stone castle.


Rider with Winterfell in the background

If you've read the books you're aware of the page space author Martin dedicates to the description of food. It's hard to read a passage from the books without getting hungry. So HBO's Game of Thrones food truck was actually a pretty clever move, and when we heard the infamous lemon cakes would be on the menu we had to go. So yesterday we "feasted" on rabbit, trout and lemon cakes and gabbed about white walkers and incest while waiting in line at the New York Food Truck. Here's a few shots from the the night (complete with lemon cake). The Throne's official twitter will be announcing the rest of the New York locations for the rest of this week. And next week, the LA truck opens.

For those of you not in NY or LA and unable to partake in the feast, chef Tom Colicchio has included a lemon cake recipe (see the above gallery).

A second trailer called POWER has been released. But why is this one special? This video is the first time we're getting a taste of the turmoil happening inside each of the seven kingdoms — already, you can see how this will be coming to a head.

And finally, the Game of Thrones youtube page has been cranking out the character profiles. And while we're pretty excited about most of the scheming nobles of Westeros, Tyrion Lannister (played by Peter Dinklage) is our favorite. Here is his video character bio, complete with his usual gaggle of whores and witty repartee. But, is Dinklage hideous enough to play Tyrion?


Game of Thrones premieres on HBO on April 17th

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