Check Out The Flash TV Show's New Trickster

Classic Flash rogue and Joker-esque wanna-be the Tricker will be an upcoming villain in an upcoming episode of The CW's Flash TV series, and this first look at his duds reveal Barry's foes are stepping up their supervillain fashion game.


That's Devon Graye as the new Trickster — because remember, Mark Hamill, who played the villain in the original 1990 TV series, will reprise his role as the original, older Trickster, who is incarcerated but released to help catch his young imitator. According to Cinema Blend, Hamill may actually wear his classic Trickster costume, which I would remind you looked like this:

As proof, here's another Instagram pic, this time from Iris West herself, star Candace Patton:


First of all, holy shit that is a terrifying mannequin. Second of all, it admittedly seems more likely this is a prop in the episode, rather than something Hamill would wear (or could be paid enough money to wear [or even fit into. Shit looks pretty tight]). Still, if The Flash actually manages to put Mark Hamill in this get-up on TV screens in 2015, the show may end up being the greatest superhero series of all time by default.

[Via Comic Book Resources]


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