A new magazine called Liminal Stories has launched its first issue today, and it’s worth checking out. Dedicated to “publishing fiction that’s just a little bit out of the ordinary,” the magazine’s first issue has a great table of contents.

Edited by Shannon Peavey, Kelly Sandoval, and Helena Bell, the magazine is being funded through Patreon, and it’s one that I’ve been watching for a little while.


Here’s the table of contents for the first issue:

  • The Men from Narrow Houses, A.C. Wise
  • Team Invasion, David Tallerman
  • A Windowless Kitchen, Trevor Shikaze
  • You Can’t See It ‘Til It’s Finished, Joseph Allen Hill
  • The Clock Misread, Nazifa Islam
  • The Signal Birds, Octavia Cade

Check out the entire first issue here. The next issue will hit the web in October.