Check out the first four minutes of zombie-romance flick Warm Bodies

You enjoyed Simon Pegg's zom-com Shaun of the Dead, but are you ready for the zom-rom? You have until February 1 to decide, when Warm Bodies (based on the novel by Isaac Marion) comes to theaters. But you can start the process of facilitating your decision-making process by watching the film's first four minutes, shown in the clip above.


The film is about R, a smarter-than-average zombie who finds himself "conflicted" about his new non-life. You can get more of the gist of the plot here, but this clip is quite fun, mostly thanks to Nicholas Hoult's (he played Beast in X-Men: First Class) excellently delivered narration. The whole "boy, zombies don't talk to each other, but I bet living people used to!" stuff is a little obvious, but still, I was on the fence about Warm Bodies before watching this clip, and now I'm leaning significantly towards watching.

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Ehhhhhhhhhh. I've been following this, sort of, and I've decided it's a Netflix or a Red Box for me. It just sounds like they're trying to be too deliberately camp and daring. It's the zombie movie equivalent of Dharma from Dharma and Greg. Look what a whacky, zany free-spirit I am! I liked the moments of humanity from Bub in Day of the Dead because it was so isolated and unique that it was heartbreaking, but I think that brevity is what made it so powerful in a way that a whole movie wouldn't.