Check Out The First (And Presumably Only) Flash Vs. Arrow Clip

The first episode of the two-part Flash Vs. Arrow event airs tonight on the CW, so I'm going to guess there probably won't be any other clips from the TV special. But given this great clip features Arrow and the Flash teaming up before they battle each other, I'm totally okay with that.


I've said it before, but I can't help but be totally, completely thrilled whenever I see two live-action superheroes share the same screen. It's true now for the Flash and Arrow, and it was true back when the Hulk teamed up with a pajamas-wearing Daredevil in the Trial of the Incredible Hulk TV special in 1989. Admittedly, I hope that The Flash Vs. Arrow turns out slightly better than Trial did.

[Via CBR]

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I watched that entire clip waiting to see pajama wearing DD! You built up and didn't deliver Bricken!

Hah that lady got some random bystandard shot. Been forever since I watched the old Hulk show, do bullets hurt him in that?