Check Out The Cover For My New Novel, All The Birds In The Sky

I’m so excited to share this with everyone at io9. Here’s the front cover of All the Birds in the Sky, my novel coming February 2016 from Tor Books.


It’s one of the coolest book covers I’ve ever seen, thanks to Tor art director Irene Gallo and cover designer Will Steahle. This is my novel about a young witch who makes friends with a young mad scientist in middle school, and they go through hell together. And then they don’t see each other for 10 years, until they meet again as grown ups. Now, she’s a fully accomplished super-badass witch, and he’s a science genius helping to Save the World. What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s the full cover:

And yes, that is a blurb from Michael Chabon up top. Which is something I’m still totally gobsmacked about. You can read the full, insanely flattering, blurb from Chabon over at, where they posted the cover reveal the other day. Also, there are loads of interesting details about how they chose this cover from among the dozen competing versions that they had to choose from.

Speaking which, I have to share some of those other cover versions, which are amazing in their own right:


And just a note: You’ll be hearing about All the Birds in the Sky occasionally here on io9 between now and its release date. I may mention it in passing in some of my articles, or include a mention of it in my bio at the bottom of things. I may blog a bit about the writing of it, because it was a pretty fascinating process. When I go on tour, I may write about stuff I find in the cities I visit. Just a heads up!

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