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Check Out Some Behind The Scenes Pictures From The Force Awakens

Now that The Force Awakens has hit theaters, the film’s director of photography, Dan Mindel has been posting some great behind the scenes images from the film to his Instagram feed.


Here’s a selection of what he’s posted in the last couple of days:


You can see more on his Instagram feed.

[Instagram via StarWarsNewsNet]


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So I know it’s been defended and everything (I’ve even watched a video or two demonstrating how what I’m about to say is wrong), but I got the Kylo Ren lightsaber over Christmas, and definitely would’ve cut my hand off if it were real (because of the exhaust crossguards). I get that you’re supposed to hold it more like a broadsword (compared to the more katana like single blade sabers), but I would really have to be aware of how I was holding the saber before using it in one handed combat. I guess Kylo probably has had some different lightsaber training than traditional JedI to compensate for the broadsword-i-ness of his lightsaber, but I’m surprised the dude hasn’t lost a hand yet the amount of times he loses control and gets angry with that thing.