Check Out "Noticing," a New Project From Robert Krulwich and Aatish Bhatia

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Two of our favorite science writers, Robert Krulwich and Aatish Bhatia, just launched a new science blog about “noticing small things and exploring big ideas.” They call their project “Noticing.”

[Noticing is] for folks who like to look around. Who can’t not. Who find it hard to get anywhere on time because there’s always something — an oddly behaving raindrop (is it going up? How can it go up?) — that we can’t not notice, not puzzle over. That’s us. Badly over-puzzled.

Plus, we’ve discovered we love puzzling together. We don’t know a lot. And what Aatish knows best (physics, math, geeky meanderings) and what Robert knows best (storytelling, imagining, giggling) are not the same, but it turns out our minds are strangely complementary. And once we start, we expect to pull in other noticers (which by definition includes YOU — we don’t know how you got here, but you must have noticed something to lead you down a crooked path to this obscure corner of the web, so hey, welcome! You’ve already got what it takes.)

Excited for this—and the first post is already live! Read it here.

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Robert Krulwich often drives me nuts on Radiolab. His pseudo-spiritual ideas about the world and how it “ought” to work leave me baffled as to why he is a co-host of a podcast ostensibly about science. So I’ll probably give this one a pass.