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Few human feats are as impressive—visually, technologically, existentially—as the spacewalk. Officially known as “extravehicular activity,” or EVA, the act of venturing beyond the confines of a spacecraft in low Earth orbit turned 50 this year. To celebrate, NASA just released this documentary about the history of the spacewalk, beginning with the first EVA conducted by Russian Alexey Leonov in March 1965.

The documentary features interviews with NASA Administrator and astronaut, Charles Bolden, NASA Deputy Administrator and spacesuit designer, Dava Newman, as well as other astronauts, engineers, technicians, managers and luminaries of spacewalk history. They share their personal stories and thoughts that cover the full EVA experience— from the early spacewalking experiences, to spacesuit manufacturing, to modern day spacewalks aboard the International Space Station as well as what the future holds for humans working on a tether in space.




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May I make one engineering investigation for the safety of all future astronauts? Please do not let Sandra Bullock and George Clooney out of the spacecraft at the same time. Physics defying catastrophe is just bound to happen.