Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoiler ration includes your first look at iconic Star Trek props. Plus producers spill the beans for BSG and Supernatural. Viggo gets physical in The Road. Reaper video! Wonder Woman pics. Spoilers advance!

Star Trek:

A few of the props from the new movie went on display at CES, including Kirk's communicator, Uhura's communications earpiece, and McCoy's medical scanner (it says tricorder, but I think it's really a scanner). More juicy pics at the link. [Trek Movie]


The Road:

When is this post-apocalyptic Cormac McCarthy adaptation coming out? No clue still. But actor Garret Dillahunt teases his role as a cannibal gang-member:

They meet up with a pretty nasty road gang toward the beginning, in the first quarter. Yeah, in the truck. And me and Viggo have a great scene in the woods where I try to take his son. ... The big fight in the woods.


[Sci Fi Wire]

Battlestar Galactica:

In the upcoming episodes, "we see what happens to the characters when their one dream has been hopelessly shattered," says Ron Moore. Admiral Adama, already in shock from the realization that Tigh is a Cylon, takes refuge in booze, and Lee has to take charge. Starbuck has to face the possibility she's really the "harbinger of death," like that hybrid said. And we learn who the final Cylon is in an early episode, but it doesn't answer every question. [TV Guide, via SpoilerTV]



In the next episode, the visiting Legion of Super Heroes is shocked that Clark isn't already flying and wearing a cape when they meet him. And meanwhile, Clark has a lot of friction with the Legion because they're pushing him in a direction he doesn't want to go in. Persuader, meanwhile, travels back in time to prevent Clark from defeating Brainiac. And Persuader has an "atomic axe" that can split one single atom. [TV Guide via OSCK]



Are you ready? No, I don't think you are. [Buzzsugar]



Producer Sera Gamble talks about some upcoming stuff. There's an episode coming up that opens with the angel Castiel's point of view. And we'll see more and more that it's hard for angels to walk amongst mortals and not feel kind of... involved. Also, she promises "We'll be laying out the specific reasons Dean was chosen. Stay tuned." Also coming up: some stuff that will help you understand the dynamic between Sam and Ruby. [Blog Critics]


Kyle XY:

Here's what happens in episode 3x02, "Psychic Friend":

Kyle's encounter with a psychic has him concerned about Amanda's safety, so he becomes overprotective of her, leaving Amanda feeling smothered. Elsewhere, Lori and Hillary finally deal with the consequences of Hillary and Declan's kiss.



Wonder Woman:

Just how much ass does Queen Hippolyta (Virginia Madsen) kick in this direct-to-DVD movie? How much you got? Here are some new pics to prove it. [Warner Bros.]


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