If you're still wondering whether John Constantine's rough edges are going to be smoothed out in his new TV show, this brand new featurette — exclusively at io9 — should help to answer the question. Hell no. Watch Constantine's therapist try to analyze him, only to wind up wigging out.


This is the "patient debrief" on Constantine from the Ravenscar Institute, where Constantine tries voluntarily committing himself in the show's pilot. And if you're still worked up about the question of whether the television version of John Constantine smokes, this should more than set your mind at ease. He not only "chain smokes," but he has a nasty habit of using his cigarettes to make an unpleasant point. This is one of the more effective viral videos we've seen lately, partly because of how it uses all the "found footage" cliches to ramp up the atmosphere.

Constantine appears on Fridays at 10 PM on NBC.


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