The Doctor is back, but what’s taken him so long? Find out in our first look at Doctor Who season nine, hot off the presses from the show’s Comic-Con panel!

The Twelfth Doctor intones his glee and distate over the majesty of the universe—he’d like to kiss it death, apparently, which is very Doctor-ish—as we get to see glimpses of new creatures, like these robots:

Or this threatening looking chap:

It’s not just new foes for The Doctor to fight. Both the Daleks and Missy are returning:


And kid-knapping Zygons!

We even get a few wonderful looking location shots, teasing underwater bases, strange alien worlds, and weird-looking cities:


But best of all we get a little treat right at the end: Just as The Doctor declares himself a man who saves people, we get The appearance of a certain Maisie Williams, taking off her rad-as-hell-looking highwayman getup and asking the troubled-looking Time Lord one question:


“What took you so long, Old man?”. Looks like the Doctor and Arya Stark have a bit of history!

Doctor Who returns to BBC One and BBC America on September 19th. Stay tuned to io9 for more coverage from SDCC, including a post-panel recap of all the action and news from Doctor Who’s panel.