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This is the original map David Lynch drew up of Twin Peaks to sell ABC execs the show's pilot episode. Its purposefully off-kilter topography reflects the show's mysterious goings-on.


Notes Nigel Holmes in the book Pictorial Maps (via Austin Kleon):

The peaks of the title, and the town they name, are clearly visible as white-topped mountains rising out of the modeled landscape. By creating a sense of place, Lynch made the town all the more believable. A straightforward map would have been dull by comparison and might have suggested that there was something intrinsically interesting about the geography of the place. What was much more important to convey was the mood of the story, and it's nicely captured in Lynch's quirky drawing.


I imagine it's also quite a nice place to get a can of coffee. You can read further analysis of this cartographical artifact over at Strange Maps.

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