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Cheap Time Travel is Easy With the Flux Capacitor

Illustration for article titled Cheap Time Travel is Easy With the Flux Capacitor

Scientists have been examining the possibilities of time travel for decades, but now you can stroll into any store and purchase a Flux Capacitor for a couple hundred bucks. People have been recreating the time-tripping DeLorean from Back to the Future for years, and now a high-end toymaker has done them one better.


Diamond Select Toys has created a replica of the famous gadget that "makes time travel possible" in some unexplained way that involves flashing lights. It's house in a replica box that looks just like the one in the film, and it can be sitting proudly in your living room next year. Better yet, just install this sucker in your Honda and see what happens when you get up to 88 miles per hour. Hopefully you'll see some serious shit.

Cool Stuff: Back To The Future Flux Capacitor Replica [/Film]

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