Charlize Theron Turns High Heels Into Lethal Weapons in the New Atomic Blonde Trailer

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

Starring Charlize Theron as a Cold War intelligence agent, Atomic Blonde is a movie that’s dripping with style. The newest teaser for the superspy action drama shows the many ways that looks can kill, including one that involves a bright red stiletto heel.

Adapted from an Oni Press comic and helmed by David Leitch—who contributed to the badassery of John WickAtomic Blonde tells the story of Lorraine Broughton, who’s trying to get sensitive information out of East Berlin in the tense months before German reunification. Theron plays her as an ice-cold operative and this new teaser contains clips from some of the film’s many impressive fight scenes. There’s even more of this in the full film, which comes out on July 28.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.

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I want more Cold War era spy stories with modern sensibilities. Sort of deconstructing the classic spy story in the way that post-70s Westerns turned that genre upside down.

Think about it, we skip over the more puritanical aspects of entertainment from the era, and have these people act like the hypocritical, sleazy bastards they most certainly were. On top of that, the music’s better, the cars, fashions, and architecture are interesting to look at, and instead of corporate villains doing nasty things to make a buck, we get Soviets, East Germans, political terrorists of various ideologies and flavors, and mercenaries of all types.

Basically this is me still grousing over the fact that 2015's Man From UNCLE wasn’t a success.