Charles Stross' multiverse saga, The Merchant Princes, continues in 2015

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Tor Books has just announced that Charles Stross will be writing a third trilogy in his universe-hopping, economic development history thriller series, The Merchant Princes (yes it really does require all those adjectives). The series began with a mafia family smuggling goods by time-and-space traveling through a world stuck in the late middle ages, and will now continue with further adventures in speculative economics and family drama. This is the series that Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman has named one of his favorites, because it deals with the rise of capitalism — and how time travel might have affected this economic system's development. We can't wait to read more.


The new trilogy will be published starting in 2015, along with re-issues of the previous six books. You've got plenty of time to catch up before the new ones arrive.


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My real question is if it is written well or not. There's a penchant for Stross to go overboard with some telling that doesn't need to be there. Granted, it was his sci-fi stuff I read the most of recently. Everything made me want to punch baby seals for how bad it was. Is this series better?