Sorry, Klaus and Elijah fans — our favorite character on The Originals is probably Marcel, the former slave-turned-deposed-vampire-king. We were lucky enough to talk to Charles Michael Davis, who plays Marcel, and he explained Marcel's tangled relationships, and what's next for the once (and future?) King.

Spoilers for past episodes of The Originals, plus some vague spoilers for tonight and future episodes, ahead...


We were lucky enough to have a one-on-one phone interview with Davis yesterday, and he shared some insights into Marcel with us:

Has Marcel gotten more fun to play now that he's no longer in charge?

Kind of. Yeah. I was talking to the writers, and I was saying I really love... I feel at home. I feel like it brings a different edge to Marcel, the Marcel you met in the pilot. And they were saying, "Yeah, we'd like to get back to that Marcel." And so it's nice. It's like a building up, of Marcel getting his swagger back. And I think now, he's kind of growing up, and he's getting a little more militant about what he really wants. So I'm having fun. I'm definitely having fun.


He's getting more militant?

Yeah, you see that with his tactics. Like with the drummers — that little surprise [at the witches' party]. He's kind of strategizing, which is what I like. It brings out the intelligent side — that he can out think the other characters, with military-style strategy.


Why do you think Marcel is still alive, considering how much he's done to piss off Klaus and Elijah lately?

Well, that's the great thing about [tonight's] episode, episode 20. We actually go into some flashbacks, and you get to see a lot of the connection and the bond and the events that helped to shape that relationship, and also explain he doesn't just go ahead and execute Marcel, as easily as he could.

Do you think Klaus and Marcel really have a serious father-son relationship? Or is that just in Klaus' mind?


Umm-hmmm, yeah. For sure. It's one that they're both very aware of, and Marcel refers to a lot. There is that guidance and care that's in a father-son relationship. Maybe not the best father-son relationship, but it's a father-son relationship.

One of the most powerful scenes in the show thus far was when Marcel realizes that Klaus has moved into the old plantation where Marcel was a slave. Are we going to hear more about that? Do you think being born into slavery, and in that era, affects who Marcel is?


Yeah, yeah, sure. That's another thing that's really important, and another thing that's going to be brought up in the flashbacks. Who Marcel is, and that he couldn't not bring that up in referencing, and going into flashbacks.

Obviously, Marcel took something important that belongs to Cami, in that last episode, Father Kieran's key. Do you think Marcel really loves Camille, or is he just using her? Or is it a little of both?

I think it's a little of both. He's definitely trying to protect her. In doing so, he's kind of not allowing her to make her own decisions, which I think would be the more loving responsible thing. He definitely has her in mind, but he also has his own interests in mind. But I think he tries to keep everything in alignment, so that it doesn't come across as backstabbing or that he's using anybody. He might not be completely forward about it, but he definitely considers everybody that he cares about, when making these kind of decisions about keeping things secret. And stuff like that.


Why do you think New Orleans is so important to Marcel? He's not just willing to leave town and become the king of some other city. What is it about this town that's so important to him?

I think like any city, it has its own personality. Like New York has a much different personality. It has a much different soul than Chicago, and then a city like Vegas has a different personality and soul. New Orleans definitely has its own unique fingerprint. It's very personal, and I think he has a very strong connection with that. I think he has a very strong understanding and relationship with that city. It means a lot to him.


It seems like Klaus and Elijah are trying to put themselves above the vampires now — especially Elijah, trying to make peace among all the factions, with himself standing over the vampires and the witches. Is there a potential for a situation where Marcel becomes leader of the vampires, separate from Klaus and Elijah running the city?

Yeah, yeah. It's interesting that you say that. I think that's pretty spot-on — they kind of take it on themselves to dictate how things should be run, and put themselves above everyone else. And especially with Elijah joining Klaus, where that's always been Klaus' kind of thing. And so now, their teaming up together kind of makes them an easy political target in New Orleans. They're the [aristocrats] now, they're the ones who are going to dictate what goes on in this city. Whereas before, people used to — well, not everyone — but they used to live somewhat freely. In some people's minds, the witches and werewolves were in subjugation, but they still ran with an agreement. So yeah, it looks like Klaus and Elijah are sort of taking too much power. They're a little power-hungry.


Final question — do you think Marcel and Elijah will ever be friends? I know there's been some animosity between them.

I hope so. I like working with Daniel [Gillies]. I hope so. I think they could. There's a lot of different alliances. So I think they're definitely going to need each other, or need to work together on some things. Whether they're friends or not, I think that could be something that could develop over the course of the next few seasons.