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Charlaine Harris' 13th Sookie Stackhouse novel will be her last True Blood book

Illustration for article titled Charlaine Harris 13th Sookie Stackhouse novel will be her last True Blood book

True Blood will finally have a conclusion, in some form or another. Charlaine Harris, who wrote the books that inspired the television series has revealed that her next book will be Sookie's last!


Harris revealed this big news In an interview with PopcornBiz (NBC Miami):

"I think it'll be total closure. I don't go back to things once I've finished them. That's kind of what I do. I don't want to write Sookie after I get stale. Yeah, I'll miss them, I'm sure, because I have lived with them for quite a long time — 12 years now. And it did take two years to sell the first book. But I think writers like to do different things. At least this writer does."


Total closure, what would you need from Sookie for total closure? Also, does this mean True Blood is going to have to stop airing after 12 seasons? Boo.

But in happier news Harris already has next project lined up, a comic book with Christopher Golden titled Cemetery Girl.

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Dances with Peeps

How to wrap up:

1. The shifters and weres and fairies and elves turn on the vampires and wipe them out (seriously, how hard can it really be to wipe out a race that is completely helpless when the sun is up?). However, V continues to circulate, indicating a private ranch exists somewhere, probably managed by the government through the NSA.

2. The fairies, elves, etc. decide that humans aren't worth the trouble and all go back through the portal on Sookie's property to never never land. Lemon juice is added to all drinks to weed out any who decided to stay.

3. All humans are infected by the weres and settle back to their boring lives after the first thrill of changing wears off. Every full moon is an official holiday. Dental plans are included in the national healthcare package. Racism is based on the type of were. Wererats are wiped out quickly. Shifters hold the upper hand and take over most government agencies, including winning the Presidency regularly.

4. Sookie finally uses her brain (something she hasn't done much since about book 3) and hooks up with Sam. They have pretty blond babies that can read minds and shift into Golden Retrievers. The anti-fairy sentiment results in divorce after a few years and Sookie leaves for never never land. She and Sam split custody. Due to time distortion between the worlds, the children appear to age randomly after returning from a visit with their mom. Sam is stressed out trying to quickly raise enough money for college funds, as Sookie keeps giving him gold that turns into dead leaves.

5. Mr. Cataliades seems to have disappeared, but Diantha is still around, popping up for odd jobs and keeping her own counsel. Rumored connections to the NSA remain rumors as supposed sources disappear into reassignments in Antarctica.

6. Jason goes into politics. He survives a John Edwards' type scandal (due to the wonders of medicine and were regenerative powers; weres get very physical about infidelity), and finally retires after serving multiple terms as governor of Louisiana. Blond panthers become an established part of the race.

7. Vampires continue to hold dominance in Eastern European countries, including Russia, having entrenched themselves in politics and local mob activity.

8. Japan remains human. They wipe out the vampires, then reestablish the samurai and ninja traditions, building their skills to destroy all non-humans. Awards are given by the government to those with the highest number of kills.

9. The French and Italians have difficulty picking out vampires from their disaffected populace, so they allow them the same rights as humans, although they are not allowed to wear head coverings should they venture out during the day. Riots by vampires lead to the government employing fire trucks to spray holy water containing silver on the rioters. The vastly reduced population of bloodsuckers make a greater effort to blend in, smoking and mixing blood with wine.

10. Germany reviews its educational system, revamping it to direct supernaturals into careers best suited for their skills. Manufacturing becomes a night-time process, sped up by the employment of vampires. Healthy humans rotate in during shifts to serve as food supplies for the workers. Fairies, elves, etc. take over agricultural jobs, although it is believed that they serve in black ops. Weres and shifters go into the military and police.

11. Saharan Africa does not have to deal with supernaturals in general, due to the harsh conditions, but the Tuareg become specialists in supernatural executions. Sub-saharan Africa finds its attention refocused from witch hunting to supernatural hunting. Many countries lose human population rapidly, but with help from other countries, they gradually wipe out the supernatural population, although it is generally accepted that were leopards, panthers, elephants, lions, and similar indigenous types remain.

12. South America follows Africa's lead with similar results.

13. India and Southeast Asia also see large drops in population, but eventually are able to overwhelm the supernaturals and bring them under control. At the Indian Institute of Technology, a special tracking system is set up and all suspected supernaturals are followed. The system is gradually implemented around most of the world. Professional hunters arise.

14. Weres spread throughout Canada, aided by weres working in the border patrol. Canada remains a separate country from the U.S., but also separates from the Commonwealth.

15. The UK at first attempts to assimilate supernaturals, but skinheads start riots that end in bloody confrontations with supernaturals. The supes win, because knives and broken bottles are not sufficient weapons against them. Gradually, supes become part of the general population, taking advantage of the generous welfare system. The drain on funds results in the election of a conservative government and a cutback in benefits. Interbreeding between supes and humans gradually results in a population similar to that at the end of the 20th century, but physically much different in appearance.

16. The Scandinavian countries count on extremely long summer days to limit the population of vampires. Other supes gradually assimilate, although the long winters lead to conflicts between different populations of supes, and between supes and humans. Eventually, population shifts and interbreeding result in an uneasy, but liveable, situation. Eric and Pam were rumored to be in Sweden, but this is unconfirmed.

17. Bill is finally captured and drained. His killers are never arrested.