Chaos Walking author Patrick Ness releases his strangest book yet

Illustration for article titled emChaos Walking/em author Patrick Ness releases his strangest book yet

Patrick Ness' The Knife of Never Letting Go became an instant classic — and apparently it's still in development at Lionsgate as a film, with Charlie Kaufman writing the script. And now, he's got a new novel out, in which a boy dies in America and wakes up in England.


In More Than This, a boy drowns in the first chapter and then wakes up back in the small Brtitish town where he lived before moving to America. Except that it's deserted and covered with dust. Is he dead? Is this a dream?

Ness tells Publishers Weekly:

I don’t want to give away too much but there is an ambiguous element throughout. Is this a real place, or is it a kind of afterlife? The question remains open. I tried to play with dystopian tropes to see what other metaphorical and allegorical uses they could have.


The standalone novel comes out this September, and Ness is visiting the ALA conference in Chicago, plus a five-city U.S. tour. [Publishers Weekly]

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Off-topic, but on the subject of "strangest book(s) ever":

House of Leaves! Yes. Who else loves this book?