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CG-free clip from Planet of the Apes shows why Andy Serkis should get an Oscar nod

Illustration for article titled CG-free clip from emPlanet of the Apes/em shows why Andy Serkis should get an Oscar nod

Many people forget that behind the screaming CG primate face in Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a human, Andy Serkis. Fox has released this CG-free clip of Serkis losing his damn mind, after James Franco drops him off in the ape sanctuary — presumably as a "for your consideration" reminder. And Serkis deserves it! Watch and we bet you'll agree.


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And while we're on the topic of the Academy Awards, what other scifi and fantasy actors or filmmakers do you guys think should (at least) get a nomination this year?


[via Hitfix]

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I would rather have seen Andy in prosthetics and make-up than drown in bad CG. I don't care how hard you render each microscopic hair on that chinny chin chimp, it never looks as soulful as something in tangible space.*

*Unless that space is directed by Tim Burton.