Remember how "Qui-Gon's Noble End" from the Phantom Menace soundtrack spoiled the whole movie for you? That was so last franchise. Now time your product tie-in spoilers come in the form of cell phone charms. This ad clearly shows miniature replicas of everything from the headpiece to the staff of Ra from Raiders, to Nurhachi's ashes from Temple of Doom. Smack dab in the center is a giant spoiler. We'll play nice and stick it after the jump this time. Just be warned that you might gouge your eyes out and send hate mail to George Lucas after seeing it.


While we realize this is just a flyer from Japan that could be theoretical and all, it sure seems to confirm the rumor that we'll be seeing aliens in Indy IV, possibly even from Close Encounters. Then Indy flees Nazis in an X-Wing and the universe collapses around your ears. Is it a badge of honor to have the Ark of the Covenant dangling from your Samsung? Maybe Indy can bring home a crate of them from the Warehouse of Doom, which it looks like he'll be heading to in this movie.

Indiana Jones: The Crystal Skull Revealed! [/Film]


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